5 Empowering Life-Changing Lessons School Didn’t Teach You



School is great for many things like making friends and having fun and memorizing the quadratic formula, but it failed to prepare us for the real world where we’ve got to do things like manager finances and deal with Annoying managers and figure out what the hell to actually do with our lives.  I wish we were taught in school and so in this Blog we’re going to go through Five of my personal favorites.

5 Lessons School Didn't Teach You
5 Lessons School Didn’t Teach You

1.The Action Mindset

let’s dive into “The Action Mindset.” This is all about doing stuff, not just talking or thinking. Imagine having a cool idea and actually making it real. That’s the action mindset at work. It’s like being a doer, not just a dreamer. In school, they teach us lots of important stuff, but sometimes they forget about this cool mindset. With the action mindset, you’re like a superhero – you take charge and make things happen. So, if you’re ready to be an action-hero and learn something awesome schools might miss, keep reading!

2.The Ignorance debt paydown

School teaches us many things, but often leaves out crucial life lessons like managing money. Ignoring debt and not understanding how to pay it off can lead to big problems. Imagine if we were taught early on about the impact of debt and the importance of making a plan to pay it back. It’s like learning to face challenges head-on instead of pretending they don’t exist. By understanding debt paydown, we can avoid future financial troubles and build a more secure tomorrow. So, let’s dive into this overlooked skill and empower ourselves with essential knowledge!

3.The Self Care Formula

School focuses on academics, but often forgets to show us how to take care of ourselves. Imagine if we were taught a simple formula for self-care – a way to recharge our minds and bodies. It’s like having a secret potion for feeling better amidst life’s hustles. This formula could include exercise, relaxation, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. By practicing self-care, we become stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to handle challenges. how a little “me time” can make a big difference in our lives.

4.The Best First Career

While school equips us with knowledge, it often leaves us in the dark about choosing the right path after graduation. Imagine if we were guided in finding a fulfilling first career – a journey that aligns with our passions and strengths. It’s like embarking on a quest where we’re not just searching for a job but crafting a meaningful story of our own. This journey might involve exploring different fields, internships, and networking. By uncovering the best first career, we can set ourselves on a path of purpose and prosperity. So, let’s delve into this unexplored realm, decode the secrets of making wise career choices, and empower ourselves for a successful and gratifying professional life.

5.The Unfair Advantage

Schools teach us many things, but they don’t usually tell us about how we each have something special that can help us succeed. Imagine if we were shown that we all have our own unique strengths – like hidden talents that make us really good at something. It’s like having a special tool that gives us an edge. This could be things like being good at art, understanding others’ feelings, or being great at solving problems. If we learn about and work on our special skills, we can do really well in a world that’s always changing. So, let’s start this adventure of discovering our own special abilities, and use them to make our lives awesome.


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